Mobile Forms Management

Real-time aggregation of data, photos, GPS and signatures – with automatic deficiency notification.

Advantage over paper process?  Absolutely!

The Mobile Forms Management module takes the guesswork out of Safety Compliance Management. With the system’s analytics and reporting, you’ll know the status of assets throughout your organization – 24/7.  The system’s ease of use, efficiency, and reporting accuracy are proving invaluable for our clients’ Safety, Compliance and Risk Managers.

  • Custom forms on mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Online and offline operation
  • Safety deficiency identification triggers automatic notifications
  • Real-time data aggregation and compliance status updates
  • Paperwork elimination – process simplification
  • Gather leading safety, quality and time indicators

Mobile Automation

Mobile forms are a great fit for organizations that require real-time visibility into what is happening in the field. Immediate data aggregation and automatic notifications, combined with meaningful dashboard views lead to better business insight and decision-making.

Online & Offline Functionality

Even when your device isn’t connected to the Internet, you still have access to the information needed to get the inspection or audit done. When you regain Internet connectivity, inspection forms can be uploaded to the system.

Flexible & Fast

Whether you need a safety inspection, audit, incident report, employee observation or other industry-specific application, our mobile forms can be customized for your needs. Intelivert can convert any existing paper form into a mobile form, including:

  • Data fields
  • Photos
  • Photo annotation
  • GPS location
  • Signatures

Upon form submission, identified deficiencies trigger automatic notifications to correcting parties. Correcting parties must login to the system to certify the deficiency has been corrected, including how it was corrected and how it will be prevented in the future.

“Open” inspection deficiencies appear in a summary dashboard as an "alert", allowing you to easily spot deficiencies that have not been corrected.

Intelivert Mobile Forms

Real-Time Compliance Check

Mobile Forms offer the simplest way to ensure that a company’s compliance records are complete and available on a moment's notice. Our solution is easy to use, can integrate with existing systems and is backed by Intelivert’s technical support.

  • 24/7 data access by handheld device
  • Secured storage infrastructure
  • 1-800 Help Desk
  • Systems integration 

Intelivert Forms Mobile App

Mobile Forms Management module users get access to our Intelivert Forms App. The App allows users to conduct inspections on a mobile device, and can run both on or offline (with or without Internet connection).  Once submitted, all gathered data is immediately available in the system.

New or updated mobile forms can be “pushed” to mobile users so only the most recent version of the form can be used. 

Increase mobile productivity, drive consistency, aggregate data in real-time and simplify regulatory and corporate compliance with Intelivert – the experts in mobile forms software.