Software as a Service (SaaS)

FOCUS on growing your business... not your IT resources.

Software-as-a-Service can provide a more efficient and cost-effective alternative for your organization to achieve business objectives.  SaaS simplifies deployment and reduces acquisition costs.

Offered as a subscription licensing model, Intelivert clients benefit from fast deployment, better efficiency and scalability of their applications, with no drain on internal resources – all at very reasonable, predictable pricing.

The Intelivert SaaS delivery model, coupled with our industry expertise, puts us in a unique position to develop hardware-agnostic, affordable, intuitive solutions that meet the specific needs of a variety of vertical markets.

World-class solutions with best-in-class service - all at a predictable monthly cost . It’s easy, fast, reliable and secure.

No Hardware or Software to Install

Avoid wasting IT time and resources on complex implementation processes. Because they are in the cloud, our solutions roll out fast with minimal set up so users can get started right away.

Exceptional Security & Uptime

To ensure maximum uptime and continuous availability, Intelivert provides redundant data protection and the most advanced facilities protection available, along with a complete data recovery plan.

Superior Scalability 

As your company scales to meet market demands, Intelivert adjusts with you. Our cloud infrastructure is elastic – it can scale from a few hundred users up to tens of thousands of users according to your organizational needs.

Automatic Upgrades 

Forget about deploying periodic manual upgrades. Automatic upgrades ensure that your users seamlessly transition onto the latest features without wasting IT time or resources.


Painless On-boarding 

Plan and execute your roll-out under the guidance of an experienced Customer Engagement Team. Leverage the industry experience and product knowledge of our experts to optimize your solution.

No intensive training is required. The system's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for new users to start using the solution right away.

Ongoing Support Service Desk

Once your solution is in place, count on the highest quality, on-shore Service Desk support for your application. Email help is available 24/7. Our standard Service Desk availability is 8:30am to 8:30pm Eastern Time (other SLAs available).

Issues are handled quickly and efficiently by an agent whose first language is English (other SLAs available), who knows your organization – and your application.