Scribe for OSHA

Guiding you through OSHA Reporting & Record-keeping Rules – on your tablet or smartphone

Beginning January 1, 2015, OSHA updated their reporting and record-keeping rules for severe injuries/illnesses and fatalities. The “Scribe for OSHA” app was designed for safety professionals, as a simple solution to help guide the user through the required OSHA notification and reporting process.

The Scribe for OSHA app is now available for download at the Apple iTunes Store. The app is FREE.

What it Does

Scribe for OSHA guides you through the applicable OSHA reporting and record-keeping rules, based on the type of incident you are dealing with.

It will allow you to:

  • Collect necessary information for reporting an incident 
  • Find appropriate OSHA office & initiate the phone call 
  • Email the information collected - to yourself or others

Scribe for OSHA makes the OSHA reporting and record-keeping process easier for you and your organization.

Try it - and tell us what you think.

What it Will Do

We'll be adding additional, FREE functionality in the coming months, including:

  • OSHA 301 Form – which you’ll be able to email (and which rolls up to an OSHA 300 and 300A if you are using the Intelivert Workforce Safety & Management System)
  • OSHA Updates
  • Intelivert Blog

Taking it to the Next Level

If you like the Scribe for OSHA app, you’re getting a sense of the power of mobile forms. Any existing paper form can be converted to a mobile form to super-charge your data aggregation, reporting accuracy, and ability to identify trends.

Form information is captured and aggregated in real-time, including data fields , photos, GPS coordinates and signatures. Identified deficiencies trigger automatic notifications to personnel responsible for corrective action. No deficiency can be overlooked or forgotten – and our mobile forms function on - or offline.

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